Thursday, January 08, 2009


Windy beach..........
Love the way they line up facing into the wind!
How did that boat get on top of the middle one?

This one is filled with water......I think it's seen better days, don't you?


amy said...

Hi, again, Marge! I hope you are enjoying your trip . . . I am sure enjoying your pictures! I grew up in Quitman, GA, a charming tiny historic town (you know, big ol' oak trees dripping with Spanish moss and a huge old courthouse in the middle of town) that sits on Hwy 84, a "back way" into Florida. My aunt lives in Pensacola, a tiny little fishing town around Ochlockonee Bay, and these pictures remind me so much of going to visit her! Keep em' coming!

Tonjia said...

Awesome pics Marge!

Lisa said...

That first one is my favorite. It looks like a postcard! Oh goodness, you are really blessed right now aren't you!?

Sherri said...

Marge, my favorite pic, as I'm sure you already of the coffee cup sitting on the coffee beans!!

Seriously, seeing your pictures of a place that isn't one degree is bliss.

See you when you arrive back to MN.

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