Sunday, January 11, 2009


We went on a trip to the Florida Caverns in Marianna. The trip was offered through the base recreation services, and consisted of the ride up there (about 70 miles), the admission to the cave, and the ride back. We furnished our own sack lunch at noon. The driver was young, maybe 22, and was one armed. Oh, he had a second arm, it was just wrapped from tip of finger to armpit in gauze. As we got on the way we found out the problem. He was holding on to a huge firework that exploded in his hand on New Years Eve. Not too bright, uh?

Anyhow, he drove like a bat out of hades! In a 55 zone he went 70, and in the 65 zone he went 80! Remember that he is driving with one arm. He couldn't signal because he couldn't use his left hand or arm. He hit the warning strip along the edge of the road a few times, and it scared the living daylights out of me. Reminded me of the bus driver we had in Italy who was on the cell phone with one hand, gesturing with his other hand as he talked a mile a minute, and somehow navigated the narrow winding road with his knees!

These pictures are from the cave. It wasn't very colorful, but was interesting.

And I was happy with the pictures my camera took.

It was 65 degrees in the cave, much warmer than the caves in Minnesota. We found out that the temperature of a cave is the average year round temperature of the area where it is located. So it stands to reason that a Minnesota cave would be cooler than a Florida cave!

There were two little kids on the trip with us. They were so well behaved. I really get upset when I'm on a tour and little kid get tired and cranky, but these two were so good. And, it was a short walk, only about half a mile underground, and not very tough hiking either.

I do like to do caves. I'm amazed at the formations. God at work again!
A little color in the dried leaves. Sweet violets.
This bumper sticker is for my daughter, Kari.
The area around the cave looks like a jungle.
Pretty green. Are you still white????


FAScinated said...

LOVE the bumper sticker!

Lisa said...

I LOVE the warning sign! Sure would not want to go swimming and know that there are alligators in there. That is funny to me!
I would be a little upset with the driver. One arm or not, he still has a responsibility to his passengers. I am very impressed with your camera!!!! Keep the pics coming!

Michelle said...

And they let this kid drive? Even with two arms it is UNUSUAL to see people use their turn signals in Florida. Makes me made every time. And I think it is a law that you have to drive 10 miles over the posted limit. If not, the cops are passing you.

Tonjia said...

the caverns are amazing.. did you see any bats?

Just Joni said...

Caves are always fun to visit and I love that earthy scent when you are down there...minerals and formations are fascinating to me...have you ever been spelunking? I'm really enjoying your vacation...continue to watch out for those crazy drivers and be safe!

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