Friday, January 16, 2009


Good Morning. Sorry to be such a pathetic blogger this week. I'll try to do better. Ernie has been under the weather all week, actually since late Sunday, so life has not been the norm. Our trailer is so little that when he was sleeping I tried to be gone. I did work on a sewing later.....and made four trips to the fantastic sale at JoAnn Fabrics. Otherwise we've done no sightseeing or exploring this week. We do plan a trip tomorrow, though. To the town of Havana Florida, which is a small town turned into an antique shopping experience. Sounds fun to me!

And another thing. What is this weather doing anyhow? It's been down in the upper twenties here at night......yes, below freezing in Florida. Then back home in Minnesota it's been way below forty degrees below zero! And the temperature this morning in Seldovia, Alaska where son Chris lives, is 50 degrees. Yes, you heard me right!.. FIFTY degrees ABOVE zero!

Hope to get some pictures tomorrow so maybe I can write an interesting post for a change! Please stick with me! I'll be back.


Lisa said...

Oh you know we are going to check back on you. I check everyday to see if you are having time to blog. We will be in Florida next week, Thurs I think. So I am looking forward to some higher temps than the 20's! Hope hubby is doing better and YOU don't get it....again!

Linda B. said...

Your faithful readers will always be here for you! I'm curious to see what you are sewing. The weather has just been awful here. Finally our kids got 2 hrs off yesterday. Stay warm and healthy! Hope Ernie is feeling good soon!

Tonjia said...

I hope Ernie feels better by tomorrow! Enjoy the day trip, it sounds like lots of fun.

Just Joni said...

Sticking with you like cotton candy on a's always a pleasure to travel along with you...hope Ernie gets better soon before you spend all of your money at Joann's! Bundle up and keep warm!