Sunday, January 18, 2009


Yesterday we again rented a van ($29 for a day....unlimited mileage!) and went on an adventure. We went to Havana, Florida, a bit over two hours from here. Havana is a small town that was dying until they turned it into an antique shopping village.....a destination visited by thousands of folks on a weekend, mostly women from what I observed!
This shop had the rooms set up as a beach house. I loved the bedroom, done in white, white billowy gauzy curtains at the windows, accents of sea glass blues and greens. It was so refreshing, so relaxing, and so expensive! That's my friend Carole heading up the steps.
Here's one of the streets, with my friend Bev trying to hide from the camera.
Every time we took my mom on an adventure, we would look for red berries. It kind of became our special thing to do, finding berries in different locations. This tree was full of them and mom would have loved it.
I loved the old buildings, creaky wooden floors with uneven doorways, smelling of old furniture and fabrics, with every surface covered with glassware, old toys, musty books, and jars of grandma's old buttons.
Here was a fountain, not especially beautiful by any means, but it caught my eye because
the water that splashed on the plants was frozen! Yes, folks, we are in Florida, and the splashing water was frozen on the plants.
I loved the vine covered buildings too. And I also like the awnings on many windows.

And we had lunch at this cafe, which I highly recommend to anyone visiting Havana, Florida. Ernie and I split a Cuban pork sandwich and each had a cup of the most delicious mushroom soup I've ever eaten. Yummy! The cafe had a lot of interesting pictures on the walls. The one I liked best was a watercolor of Bob Dylan, a fellow Minnesotan. We had a safe trip home and stopped for Mexican food for dinner. We haven't planned the next adventure yet, but I'm sure we'll find something to do this week.


Lisa said...

OH what a trip. I take it Ernie is feeling better? We are headed to St. Augustine before long. I so hope the weather is warmer by the time we get to Florida.
Loved you finding the red berries!

Marge said...

Yup, Ernie I feeling fine. Back to his old self. I hope the weather warms up before you come south to the sunshine state. It's been cold!

Tonjia said...

fun fun fun! that little town looks incredible. did you get any bargains?

Memaw's memories said...

Who'd think - ice in Florida. Looks like you had a great time.

Just Joni said...

A town full of antiques? Oh my, did you close the place down? What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon and I love the reminiscing and appreciation for the red berries...this really touched my heart ~