Thursday, January 08, 2009


Shrimp boats at Appalachicola
Condos along the gulf......I call them birdhouses!
Interesting tower on one side, isn't it?
A few if the larger homes along the gulf.
My feet in the gulf!
I love the beach and the beautiful decorating job that God does.
My friend wasn't very shy!
Another of God's decorating jobs.
That is the roof of a picnic shelter and bathhouse against the blue sky.
Wind swept sand dunes are beautiful.
Love the reflections in the water at Dead Lake.

Amazing reflections, don't you think?


Tonjia said...

those condos do look like birdhouses!! I love the ocean pictures, keep them coming!

Lisa said...

Oh I agree, they do look like bird houses, how neat. I absolutely love the pictures, I am sooo glad you got that new camera and boy are you taking such nice pictures. I feel like I really want to come see you! Two weeks I am headed to Florida, but not the gulf coast, we are headed to the Atlantic side. I like Dead Lake too. Oh heck, I just like it all.

sticker said...

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