Thursday, September 04, 2008


Wednesday was a beautiful day! Bright blue skies with fluffy white clouds looked so inviting, and as soon as we checked in and had a quick bite to eat for lunch, we headed off on a hike.

This is the beginning of the hike, doesn't look too exciting just yet. But just you wait!
The sumac is beginning to turn, a sure sign of fall.
The wildflowers among the prairie grasses were at their peak.
The skies could not have been more beautiful, and the temperature was in the upper 60's, perfect day to hike in these hills.

This was on top of the highest point in the park, and halfway on our four mile hike.
The views were absolutely breathtaking.

As we started back we found this sign along the trail. Should we be worried?
Nope. Just a rocky downhill section where you could roll your ankle if you weren't careful.

And yes, that is a tree that is turning color. Means fall is coming!


Lisa J said...

A FOUR MILE HIKE? Are you crazy? and you are how OLD??? Man I am impressed. Four miles? Ok, I have to get it in gear and get in shape if I am going to go camping with you. I really want to get a trailer like that and go, can dogs go to places like that? Seriously, do they allow people to bring their pets? BEAUTIFUL! I like this, you going on vacation and me feeling like I am there with you. thank you!

Sage said...

Lisa, you can walk four miles! If you can cop you can walk four miles. Actually, I have walked 15 miles in one day, carrying a heavy backpack! So shape up if you want to camp with me! And, yes, you can bring dogs, if you keep them leashed.

Glad to hear you are enjoying my vacation! So am I!