Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Okay. Plans are made, we're packing up a little food, a couple of changes of clothes, and my trusty (????) laptop, and we're heading out this afternoon, as soon as I take my sister to get groceries when she gets off of work. We're only going to be gone six nights as HUBBY GOT A JOB!!!!! Old mister "retired and loving it" has decided to take a part time job to save up gas money for the gas hog, errrr, I mean truck, which he took off the sale lot this morning! Yay! I get to keep my truck! So this is going to be a faster trip than I thought, but it will do. And if it turns out that there isn't work for a week sometime, we can take off again on another mini-roadtrip. Camera is ready......I'd best get going too.


Lisa J said...

Oh good. My hubby is thinking he may have found a part time job as well. He can work as much or little as he wants?? So they say. He is looking forward to this. He will deliver buses right now locally, and maybe later, long distance. I am ok with this. A little extra money would sure be nice.

Lisa J said...

I should have finished what I was saying....I can't wait to see your pictures, and six days will be ok for now to wean us off your blog a little....you have been so good to us readers, we will miss you when you don't write. So I am glad you are taking the laptop, and keep us informed as to your exciting outings. I am making my plans too.

Lisa J said...

Ok, I am stopping by this morning, just because I want to say hello. Hope your trip got off to a great start. The baby is back with me and so far she is doing great. Her mom brought her to me today in her sleeper, and she was still asleep. So that is a good start. She has been down for a nap since getting here at 7:15. Keep your fingers crossed we have a good day today together!!
I will be checking back every day on you! Have some extra fun for me!