Sunday, September 28, 2008

Friday night our 17 year old grandson, Jacob, called and asked if he could come to visit this weekend. Of course! I never turn down a grandkid visit! So Saturday after I helped daughter Kari with her FASD booth at the Women's Show, I drove the half hour east to pick up Jacob. Last night he and I went to Barnes and Noble for a coffee and to look at books, and spent a pleasant couple of hours together. This morning we went to church, and then met up with two of my sisters and a brother-in-law for lunch.

Ernie went home and settled into the recliner to watch football. (He's still there, NINE hours later!!!) Jacob and I did a little shopping and then stopped at Caribou for another coffee drink. Can you tell that he's my coffee buddy grandkid? I ran him home a bit before dinner tonight, and stopped to take a couple of pictures of these trees across from his apartment building. I love this time of the year when the evenings take on a little chill, and the lush green vegetation turns into vivid red, orange, yellow and gold. These trees aren't that brightly colored yet, but it's the beginning of my favorite season!
Oh, these trees are on the grounds of the nursing home where Jacob just got an after school job as a dietary aide. I think he will do a good job and I'm proud of him. He's the third of my grandkids to have a job in the "care" field. Kjirsten has worked at a nursing home since she was 17, and she's 22 now. And Katie is a PCA, personal care attendant, for some handicapped folks. It's good to have grandkids who are so kind and caring and they're working with those who may need some special care.
Have I told you that I love fall?


Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Sounds like you and your grandson had a wonderful weekend together. I can't wait to spend time with Haleigh, I miss her so much.
That tree is wonderful, thank you for sharing. So far, even though the weather is fallish, no tree changes here. I'm waiting because I want to take pics too.

Lisa J said...

Oh I love fall too. I love your wonderful tree shots, can we go take pictures together??? I sent you an email, and I will get to blogging again soon.

Just Joni said...

The colors in these trees are of the best parts about fall. What a nice visit you had with your grandson, makes me miss my son who left in July for grad school...he was my coffee buddy!