Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Two of my online friends have mentioned their collections of depression glass. I decided to share a photo of some of mine. And I'll tell you a little about some of the pieces.

On the top shelf on the outsides are two very pale yellow square plates. In the center of that shelf are two green serving plates. In front of the green plates are cups, saucers, dessert plates, berry bowls and a footed jelly dish in green. They are part of a luncheon set with the four lunch sized plates on the middle shelf. In the center of this shelf is a green footed cake plate. In the center are five green goblets, and on the sides of those are my greatest treasure, six crystal goblets that were my grandmother's and are over 80 years old.

On the bottom shelf the two outside platters are amber, and the center oval platter is pink. I have more pieces in another location, and I'll try to take a picture of those soon. Oh yes, that's an old mantle clock on the top of the hutch.

I love my depression glass, don't you?


Michelle said...

Please send me your husbands name and mailing address to my email. I would love to send him something.

Lisa J said...

Man that is beautiful pieces of glass you have there.

linda said...

thanks for sharing,'s beautiful glass! my mother collects it too..

Memaw's memories said...

Your glass is beautiful. Thanks for sharing with us.

You might ought to watch michelle. I don't know her, but she may want to send your husband a codicil to your will so she'll get all your wonderful glass.

I keep intending to take some pictures of my glass, but just haven't.

The daygown is made of fine batiste. I've probably made about 40 of them over the years, but I put extra work into this one since it's for my great neice. But if I had to make a living making them, I lose a lot of weight fast. I have about 35 hours in that little dress, and no one wants to pay what they are worth.