Monday, September 08, 2008


On Friday we went to Buffalo River State Park, near Moorhead, which is across the river from Fargo. Yup, Fargo, of the movie fame. The day was cold and cloudy, drizzly and dull. We first drove over to the University Science Center where we planned to spent a couple of hours watching the birds. This back of this center is up against the woods, and they have numerous bird feeders that cater to the multitude of birds found in this area. The back wall of the building is windows, and we've spent hours before watching the birds, finches, jays, woodpeckers, and many many others. The sign for the center states that it is open from 6 am until 11 pm (there is a planetarium also), but it was closed. Locked up tighter than a drum. The only thing to take a picture of was this metal image of prairie grasses, pretty, but not the birds we were looking for.
So we drove into Moorhead and went to the Hjemkomst Center where there is a replica of a Norwegian ship. Check the link, it's interesting. The ship is very uniquely decorated, as you can see from these circle plaque things!
Kind of a dark view from the top, looking into the ship. Cramped quarters, that's for sure!
The Vikings had those carved figureheads on the bow and stern of their ships, often images of dragons. These were to scare away evil spirits at sea, as well as to terrify their victims.

The story of Robert Asp and his dream to build a Viking ship is very interesting, and you can read about it on the above link.

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Lisa J said...

Now how do you know about all these places? Do you two research where you want to go before you leave? Or have you been there before? Fargo? Where exactly is that? I am getting my map out now to look. This is so interesting to me and I love you taking us on the journey with you. When are you taking another short trip?