Thursday, September 04, 2008


I left hubby doing dishes inside the little trailer and I took off to climb a hill and watch the sunset.
The wildflowers and grasses were beautiful in the light of the setting sun.
It was a King Midas moment.....everything was turning to gold.
The silence was broken only by two deer, one on top of the hill, one on the bottom, snorting at each other.
Did I ever tell you that I love sunsets?
And now the sun is gone, leaving behind only a few golden clouds. It was the most peaceful moment I've spent since my mom died. Somehow I felt close to her up here on the hill. Sunsets make me feel a if I've been given a glimpse of heaven, and I feel closer to God. And since I know mom is in heaven with God, I guess I felt closer to her, too. Peace is in my heart.
I pray you also know this Peace.


Anonymous said...


I linked to your blog from your daughter's, and was just astounded at the beauty of these photos. The third photo, with the overlook, brought tears to my eyes.

This time of year I somehow feel closer to God, but I haven't taken any walks lately. I loved seeing photos from yours!

- April in RI

Michelle said...

Lovely, just lovely. We don't have any hills or mountains to climb in Florida. And if we did, it would be too hot to do any climbing. Enjoy and continue posting pics.

Russell said...

Enjoyed your photos very much! Looks like a lovely place and a wonderful memory!

Take care -- and I like to hear HE is doing the dishes why YOU are taking that nice walk!!!

Lisa J said...

Oh my goodness, no I did not know you loved sunsets. And I can see why you do. Thank you for sharing the pictures, that peace you felt, I felt it too. That is some very pretty country side you showed me, it makes me want to get out and start traveling!!!!

Lisa J said...

Just wanted to say hello and it is my goal to try and stop by every day. Right now I am getting ready to watch the OU football game...
Go Sooners. Talk to you soon.