Monday, November 20, 2006


Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida: We made it! We are at Tyndall and have a parking spot for a month. Our site is about a blocks walk from this rec center where we have a wireless connection. It was already getting dark when we finished setting up the RV, so we don't really know what the area looks like. The map shows that we're only a short distance from the water, so we'll have to go for a walk first thing in the morning to see what things look like. It is cold down here though! I wore my fleece jacket to walk down here to the rec center. I did discover something quite interesting though. On the map of the camp that we were given it says "Just another day in paradise!" If you remember, I blogged that same motto this summer from Seldovia, Alaska! So our summer residence in Alaska, and our winter residence in Florida, both have the same motto. Aren't we lucky to be living in paradise year round?

Our plan is to connect up with Mike and Kari and family down in Orlando for a couple of days. It's over 300 miles down there, so it really necessitates our staying over. We found some real bargains on motels though, so it shouldn't be too expensive. Tomorrow we need to do some grocery shopping and aquainting ourselves with the area. And I'll post some pictures of our new neighborhood!

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