Friday, November 17, 2006


WPAFB, Dayton, Ohio: Of course on the day I really was anxious to leave for Florida, our mail has decided to not show up. Check again tomorrow morning was the advice of the postmistress. So Kari and family will really beat us now as they left Minnesota this morning and are driving straight through. We can't leave until after checking the post office in the morning and they should already be there by then. Bummer.

I am also still waiting for the resolution of the missing Social Security check. We were hoping that they had for some reason mailed it instead of depositing it, but with no mail we can't find that out either.

I did laundry yesterday afternoon and washed a batch of flannel fat quarters that I've been saving for a quilt. I just may have to cut out the pieces this afternoon for something to do. I am tired of sitting here in the cold rain. The lack of sunshine is really what is bugging me so I am ready to move on. Stay tuned..........

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