Sunday, November 26, 2006


Tyndall AFB, Florida: I had a hard time at first in church this morning. Usually on the First Sunday in Advent I am wearing a sweater, coat, and gloves, and I am carefully stepping around the snow piled at the edge of the parking lot, taking care not to slip on the ice as I go into church to hear about preparing for the coming of Christ. This morning we had the windows on the truck open and I had on a short sleeved shirt as we drove along the palm and flower lined streets on our way to church. It felt weird to sing "Oh come, oh come, Emmanuel" under these strange circumstances. But as the service continued on I was on comfortable ground. It was the same message I've heard during Advent for every single year of my life. As the pastor's welcoming words in the bulletin read: Hit a ball to someone, toss a piece of pizza his direction, or swing the boom across the boat, and you'll be shouting the same thing: HEADS UP! Two words that tell us to watch out and pay attention - or you'll miss something important. We use these words all the time. So does our Savior! Today He tells us "Heads Up." Something important and exciting is about to happen. We don't want to miss it!

The sermon was excellent. The Bible Study was awesome. The people were so kind and welcoming. As they describe themselves: Amazing Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church ~ we're ordinary people with an extra ordinary love. We felt right at home and will for sure make this our church home while we are here in Florida. (Hubby enjoyed the good refreshments and coffee......TWICE!)

And, of course we found an immediate connection. As we introduced ourselves to the pastor he asked if hubby had any relatives who used to serve a church in Nebraska. YUP! That would be hubby's brother! It's a small world.

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