Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Walton, Kentucky: I just need to add a PS to my last blog. The gal who knew some of the same pastors as I knew had asked for my email address. She wanted to send me her in-laws web site because they are also full time RVers and she thought we'd enjoy their site and maybe connect up with them sometime. I received an email from her on Monday morning and she told me that she had talked to her dad and that he knew me. When I read his name I burst out laughing....yes I knew him! And imagine my surprise when she told me the name of the tutor she had for reading back in grade school. It was my dear friend JKW who I worked with at the college for the last 18 years, and who also retired in June. Amazing the connections we can find! This gal is a military wife, waiting here for her husband who is serving in Iraq. Our prayers will be with him, MW. It was so great to meet you!

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