Saturday, November 18, 2006


WPAFB, Dayton, Ohio: We finally have good news of a sort. We weren't happy about the mail not being here and were discussing options. Hubby called the FAMCAMP (the campground at Tyndall AFB in Florida where we are heading) and the worker there at the office agreed to accept a general delivery package and hold it for us. Then he went back to the post office here and asked the postmaster if he could forward general delivery mail for us. He also agreed, and said he would personally watch for it for us. So, we are going to take off as soon as we get back to the RV and get everything secured and ready to roll.

I'm going to call Kari now and tell her we are on our way, and hopefully set up a time so we can meet them for a few hours at least. So, the sun is shining a little bit and things are looking better.

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Linda B. said...

I'm happy to hear you can meet up with Kari and family in florida! That should be fun for everyone. I can't believe all of your adventures.I love learning about them. Thank you for sharing them with all of us!!!!
Linda, Kari's friend