Saturday, November 18, 2006


WPAFB, Dayton, Ohio: At least the sun is trying to shine. That's about the only thing to be happy about this morning. Our mail still hasn't arrived, and now we won't be able to pick it up until Monday. And with no mail, I still don't have a clue about my SS check. There is nothing to watch on TV; even FOX NEWS only has two topics today, TOMKAT's wedding and O.J.'s almost confession. Neither of those subjects interest me in the least!

Yesterday I did cut out the pieces for a quilt, and I have a couple of other projects ready to sew, so as long as we're waiting around some more I guess I'll set up the machine and start sewing. I was going to wait until we got to Florida and were set up more or less permanently, but I need something to do right now.

I talked to KT last night, but haven't heard anything this morning. She said they were just about out of Illinois last night, so they should be close to their destination by now. I'll give them a call soon and hopefully will find that they've arrived safely. When I talked to KT, the van was quiet. She said the little guys were watching a movie. She did say it was a long way!

So, another day at the base. I'll keep you informed.

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