Monday, June 01, 2009


I know the old campfire song says "white coral bells" but as you can see, these are pink. Can you sing the song about pink coral bells, I wonder?
Pink coral bells, upon a slender stalk.
Lilies of the valley deck my garden walk.
Oh, don't you wish that you could hear them ring?
That will happen only when the fairies sing.

This mama duck led her eight ducklings along the far shore of the pond. I nicknamed her Octo-mom.

I love the beautiful straight or curved lines of a corn field. I can't imagine how the farmers can keep their tractors lined up so perfectly as they go back and forth planting in the spring. But as the corn sprouts and begins to grow, the rows are always perfect it seems!
We thought this goose family had two baby goslings, but there was only one on the pond tonight, always staying between mom and dad as they swam across the pond.
Flowers on my little patio area right outside our front door.
I'm standing in the doorway taking this photo. It's a small area, but big enough for my bench and two chairs and a few pots of flowers. It's on the northeast side so it stays pretty shaded. I have several colors of coleus plants, a few begonias, petunias, and the light orangy pink flower in the previous picture.


Just Joni said...

Your patio is the perfect spot to sit and share a pot of coffee...yes, a whole pot! We'd have lots to talk about.

Love those ducks, they are everywhere on campus right now. one must watch where one steps :)

Marge said...

I'd say we need two pots....French press pots are quite small! Wouldn't that be fun?

Lena . . . said...

We always have ducks and geese that nest on our river banks every spring also. But the spring has been so cold here that I think everything is late including the nesting of the ducks and geese. Haven't seen any babies yet, and we usually do sometime around the first of June.

Also, the farmers in our area, who farm HUGE fields with HUGE equipment have GPS equipment in their tractors. The equipment is set up to communicate with a satellite and that's how they get such straight rows. They have to punch in some coordinates on a computer and then the GPS does everything else, including STEERING the tractor. The only time they have to pay attention to what they're doing is when they come to the end of a row so they can turn, and sometimes the fields are a mile long. Gives them plenty of time to read their book or watch their movies on their TV!! Ole worked for Farmer Neighbor Dave a couple of falls during harvest time. Said it was a piece of cake!! So that's how they get their rows so straight.

Happy Tuesday!!

Lisa said...

Oh I love the patio too. So scoot over Joni, and let me pull up a chair as well. But I will bring my own diet coke ok? You are getting out and taking some very interesting pictures. Now quit making me look so bad! I never tire of your blog!

Just Joni said...

Just dropping by to say Hello...I took a picture of a corn field today and thought about you...not that you're corny or, just remembered you had a similar shot! :)