Saturday, June 06, 2009


Now I have been married for many years. Most of my life, it seems. But I have never made Alfredo sauce. Never. So yesterday I got brave and invited my sister, who loves chicken fettuccine Alfredo, out for supper and decided to cook it for her. I looked up many recipes and it didn't look too tough, so figured I could handle it.

Then I decided if I was making Alfredo sauce, I should also make home made fettuccine noodles. Okay, that's only egg and flour according to P-Dub's site, so I'll bet I can do that, too.

Well, if I was in a cooking mood, I might as well bake bread too!

So I made a loaf of bread with fresh chives, another Pioneer Woman recipe. And I mixed up the eggs and flour and readied the counter to roll and cut the noodles. I started the chicken and got the water/broth mixture ready to cook the noodles. Then I worked on the Alfredo sauce. I decided that the recipe was just too rich and full of calories, so I used skim milk instead of cream. I figured the stick of butter, 8 ounce package of cream cheese, and cup of parmigiana cheese was rich enough! But don't tell PW I used skim milk instead of cream!

My sister, Lois, proclaimed the meal a success. And it was good. A mess to clean up, but good. And I will make home made noodles again. They were fun and good. Probably won't make the Alfredo sauce very often though. I figure it had about 4,972 calories in it!


Anonymous said...

Our daughter served us chicken Alfredo with asparagus, so I tried it too. Our kids at home loved it, as did hubby and me. No homemade noodles, though. Doesn't help my efforts to try to eat less and lose some weight.

I was also happy to see your "Coral Bells" song written out. My mom used to sing this, and we learned to sing it in a round. I transplanted some of Mom's Lily of the Valley on the north of our house around the chimney. They're prolific, but we needed some filler, as our old dog used to lay on my hostas. New dog lays on Grandma's flowers across the driveway. He even unpotted her cactus. Oops....

Just chatting about things in common.
nancy in Iowa

Just Joni said...

Be careful we'll start calling you Martha soon.

Your dinner sounds delicious. I love those days in the kitchen when everything comes from scratch, I just don't like the mess! Now you have me curious about the fat/calories in my alfredo sauce...should I check? Hmmm.

Thank you for the well wishes my friend. After graduation I came home and took a I'm not a young whippersnapper anymore.

Lisa said...

Oh I LOVE homemade noodles...but not cooked.... I love them raw. I can not believe you took on such a task, but sounds as if it was very successful. Congratulations to you and your endevors. I am having ANOTHER fish fry tomorrow with my gandkids and their parents! Busy day.

Lena . . . said...

Ole bought me a pasta maker one year because HE was enthused about making homemade noodles. Ole never does anything in a small way so he decided to make a big supply of noodles. We had noodles hanging all over the house drying - on the backs of chairs, over towel racks and even over a drying rack that I had. They were wonderful, but not so wonderful I would do THAT again. Next time he only gets to make the amount he needs at that moment!!