Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Thought I'd post some random photos from the past weekend's camping trip.

Is there anything better than sitting around a campfire with a cup of coffee?
Saw this neat looking mushroom along the roadway in the campground.

Son-in-law, Mike, was sound asleep at the picnic table, while daughter,
Kari, snoozed in the comfy chair.
Anna and Bed took turns on the hammock that Mike had hung between two trees on their campsite.
This was our supper. Potatoes, onions, carrots, and polish sausage, with lots of butter, wrapped in foil and cooked over the coals. To die for!
After supper, Bart and Claudia and about eight of their children came out to join us for Kari's apple pie, and Bart's blueberry cobbler. Be still my heart! Both were wonderful!

And of course we had to make a magic fire.

As the colors died down and the evening came to a close, Miss Anna wanted me to take her picture and she willingly posed for me.


Lena . . . said...

But I didn't see anyone swatting mosquitoes in your pictures! You can't go camping, at least in MN, without doing the mosquito dance (snicker). How did you get all the beautiful colors in your campfire? How fun.

Marge said...

No mosquitos! Isn't that remarkable for a Minnesota campout? The truth is, we are very dry down here. Very dry until this morning when we are getting much needed rain.

Magic fire: about 8 inches of copper tube with holes drilled in it, stuffed with a length of old garden hose. Put in fire = magic fire! (Probably causes global warming or something, but it sure is pretty!)

Just Joni said...

Now that's my kind of camping...I'm assuming you roasted marshmallows! I need a camping trip...*sigh.

Marge said...

Yes, Joni! We did the required smores! Grandkids wouldn't let us get by without those!

Justin said...

Ahh I will never forget grandpas magig fires.....