Saturday, June 27, 2009


The name of this musical group is Billy Goat. The handsome guy on the right playing the guitar is our son Chris. He is our kid who lives in Alaska, giving us a place to go on our vacation! The motto of the little village is "Just Another Day in Paradise" and that is exactly what Seldovia is, a little piece of paradise on earth. Billy Goat is pictured here playing at the recent Solstice Music Festival. They will also play at the fourth of July celebration. And I am sure hoping that they will put on a concert in the RV park where we are going to be staying. (RV park is a misnomer. The campground is actually not much more than a spot cleared out in the forest. No services, just a gravel spot where the devil's club and alders have been chopped down!)

The countdown has begun. We are in the last stages of rounding up our gear and lining up the supplies, and we are more than ready to get on the road. We are obligated to stay through Tuesday as hubby has a dental appointment to remove the stitches from his recent gum surgeries. Wednesday morning we will be on the road! Wahoo!


Joni said...

Great! Bags are packed...I'll be the one wearing a blue shirt waving my arms frantically...wait, which highway will you be on?

yes, it really is 2 something in the a.m....can't sleep, too much coffee I's a good thing I stopped by!


Joni said...

Apparently my 2-something is your 4-something...I feel like I should just stay up now ~

Marge said...

I think the highway will be a bit north of your location! However, if my sweet grandson in law can get the phone and little Acer hooked up this afternoon, I will be able to post from anyplace I have a phone signal, so I can keep in touch!

And lady, stop the coffee after dinner! You need some sleep!

Lisa said...

Oh I want to go too. It has got to be cooler than it was in Florida and what it is here in Oklahoma. I am going to read through the rest of your postings since I have been gone for a week. I feel I have missed out on a lot! Hope hubby's gums are feeling better!