Monday, June 29, 2009

MY HEART IS BUSTED.......... has totally burst with pride! Have you ever been so proud of one of your kids that your heart has totally burst out of your chest? Well, that is the diagnosis of my health condition this morning. Bursting with pride. This is our youngest son, Lance. He has been working so hard to become a part time police officer in his little town just south of us. He has worked his regular job, but still found time for school and training to become a part time policeman. School was never Lance's strong point. He struggled, to put it mildly. But when he found something that he really wanted to do, he worked hard and has accomplished it. And I am so proud. Lance, you are loved beyond measure. I know you will do a great job! And much credit must go to his lovely wife, Tya, who has loved and supported him unconditionally. Thank you, Tya. We love you and the girls so much! Tya sent me this photo by email, and try as I might, I can't get it to enlarge. Sorry about that! When I see Lance in person in uniform, you can believe I'll take more pictures.


Linda B said...

Congratulations to Lance!!! Kari told me how hard he was working on this. I am really happy for him. I can imagine your pride. Some day I hope to be bursting when Matthew is through with school and is a police officer, too!

Joni said...

Yes--I have had that feeling several times and it is very reassuring. Congratulations to your son! It's nice to hear about hard work paying off--it leads me to think our future is in pretty good hands.

Lisa said...

Yes, there is a lot to be proud of there. Proud he is willing to protect and serve his community against the evils of this world. Proud that he has taught all of us a valuable lesson on when no matter the struggles in life, those that are hard fast dreams are so worth working hard for. He is proof that hard work, strong desire and support of a loving family....dreams are achieveable.
I am so happy and PROUD of him too. I feel a special connection with him already!!!