Friday, June 05, 2009


We are starting to begin to start thinking that we should start planning to begin to think about our upcoming road trip! July 1 is our target date to leave for Alaska. We want to take along a lot of groceries and supplies because the tiny town where our son lives has limited choices and high prices. Three years ago the milk was seven bucks a gallon!

So, we have decided to switch to soy milk which I will purchase here at the health food section of my grocery store. It doesn't have to be refrigerated until it's opened, and it will be about half the price. I'll buy it by the case and will receive a ten per cent discount per case. Yay! I'll buy a case of black, red and maybe garbanzo beans. I'll buy rice and some kind of pasta in bulk. I have already purchased fifteen pounds of oatmeal, and have made one batch of granola. I'll make a couple more batches, and then just leave the rest of the oatmeal as is. I'll get some canned tomatoes and pack up the spices, some olive oil, flour and cornmeal, and my kitchen will be stocked.

Where's the beef, you ask? Well, I am not going to worry about meat. If things go as they did three years ago, we will be feasting on salmon and halibut most days. And if you've ever eaten salmon and halibut cooked on the grill in a small campsite in Seldovia Alaska, with the ocean almost surrounding you and mountains where the ocean isn't, you know what a treat I am anticipating! My mouth is watering!

Our plan is to have to purchase almost nothing there other than fresh veggies and fruits. Our son did plant a garden so maybe I can sneak over there at night and raid his garden patch. Oh, I forgot. It never gets completely dark in the summer so I'd probably get caught. Guess I'd best stick to buying at the little grocery store in town!

The main concern is coffee. I will need to have many pounds of beans along to survive two months without buying them! I do have one whole shelf in the little pantry set aside for coffee and starting next week, I will begin to fill it up.

I can't wait to get on the road. There will be no end to the pictures and blog posts once we take off. Wish I could take you all with me!


Lena . . . said...

I am SO envious!! Can I sneak along in one of the compartments? I'll bring my own coffee!!

Linda up north said...

Oh I am so excited for you! It sounds like just the ticket to escape this so-called summer we are having!

Anonymous said...

Hi Marge,
I can hardly wait to see you! When do you plan to be in Anchorage? Gary retires in July. Email me when you have time! love, gail