Thursday, June 11, 2009


Do you have a pile of groceries in the corner of your dining room? I do! Yesterday I began the task of filling the camper with groceries for our two month journey which begins in just a couple of weeks. I figured I might as well start getting supplies each time I visit the grocery stores. So yesterday as I cruised the aisles of Sam's Club and HyVee, I loaded the cart with stuff for the trip. I think I may be half way done! I have coffee, TP, rice, coffee, beans, salad dressing, coffee, paper towels, oatmeal and coffee. Yes, there are grocery stores along the way; we're not heading into the wild, but things are so expensive when you get off the beaten path, and my grocery budget is not that healthy. I figure the more basic stuff I can haul along, the more money I'll have for the fresh fruits and veggies. I'm not worrying about meat as I plan to eat salmon and halibut for every meal!

The reason I piled the supplies in the corner instead of right into the camper, is that we're going camping this weekend. We decided to take our bikes and my sister, Lois, and head out to a local park that sits right on the bike trail that runs more than forty miles through rich Minnesota farm land and remnants of the forests that used to cover this area. Daughter Kari and her gang plan to join us. I haven't planned any fancy meals for the weekend, but knowing my daughter, I'm sure she'll have some recipe she wants to try out in the big black pots that we love to cook in over a big campfire. I think the weather is supposed to be nice, so we should have a good weekend.

So, I am off to bake a loaf or two of bread, wash some clothes, and pack up a few things for our mini camping trip which will begin tomorrow at noon when my sister gets off work. I haven't been out with the camera very much lately, but I should have a good opportunity to do some shooting this weekend.

Oh, and I'm going to take this opportunity to see if I can figure out how to hook up my teeny tiny Acer netbook to my cell phone so I can have internet access out in the wild! Wish me luck!


Lena . . . said...

Gosh, I did the same thing yesterday. I went to Sam's - and I've got groceries sitting in the middle of my living room that I haven't gotten put away yet. Many of them are going into the RV getting ready for our summer trip, and we're not leaving for a whole month yet!! Have a good time this weekend and enjoy the lovely weather that we seem to get so little of these days.

Just Joni said...

Go, go, go...don't you people ever stay home? Well at least you will have your coffee and I know you will be thinking of me...*wink. Have you ever noticed how much better coffee tastes when you're camping? It's true.

Have a good weekend ~

By the way, that's what corners are for silly...two sides = higher stacks of "stuff"

Lisa said...

You are too funny. I hope you are able to hook up to the internet, but it won't be the end of the world if you don't. I am still hoping to be heading to Florida next weekend if it all works out. You seem to be a goer about as much as I am. For retired folks we neither one seem to stay put for very long!!! Isn't life grand!?