Monday, February 27, 2012


My weekend included some of this
and some of this

and a little of this

and also of this

This last picture is the net produce bags I am making for grocery shopping.  No need to use the cloth shopping bags and then fill them with plastic bags full of produce.  I decided I also needed reusable bags for the fruits and veggies.  These are the regular size.  I am making some larger ones for the larger amounts of apples or oranges that we buy.  I'm thinking they cost about 60 cents apiece to whip up, and maybe 6 or 7 minutes!  Easy peasy!

Hubby is home, with no fish.  Son and his friend caught walleye, Ernie got a couple of perch.

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Jeanne said...

Love the idea of making produce bags. I can just picture a bag of red juicy ripe tomatoes right now. I looked at tomato plants today and can't wait to get our little garden going!