Monday, February 06, 2012


This first photo is for my friend Carole.  We met Glenn and Carole down here in January of 2007.  We visited them at their home in Maryland later on that spring.  Then we met them down here again in January of 2009 and traveled with them in Corpus Christi and San Antonio Texas in 2010.  We have spent many happy hours together, talking, sightseeing, eating meals, having a glass of wine, and playing cards.  Carole and I hit it off right away when we met, I think because we both traveled with our sewing machines and quilting supplies.  And we spent a lot of time, and probably some money, at this neat quilting shop here in Panama City.  Miss you Carole!  Wish you were here.
We met my cousin and her husband for a salad lunch this noon, and made some plans for later this week.  In fact, we are going to dinner at their condo tomorrow night.  It was fun to see you Karen and Dave, and I'm guessing we're going to get together a few times over the next week or so.
Then it was back to the first beach I blogged about.  Except this time we turned right instead of left.  We walked, and walked and walked.  Hubby is moaning and groaning about his sore back and leg muscles from walking in the sand.  It is a good workout.  
 I was still pretty dry at this point, but by the end of our walk, I was pretty wet.  I have a habit of getting a bit too close to the incoming waves, and my pants are always wet up past my knees.
The sky was kind of dark grey, and the gulf looked green today. 
It looks like they had a snow storm on the beach, doesn't it?  It cracks me up to see the drifts of white sand piled up against the fences.
With the grey sky today, it really does look like a snowy scene from Minnesota.
But stopping at a fruit and veggie stand shows that it was probably not a snow storm!  Love these Plant City strawberries!


Paula said...

Where are you? Come visit me! Or I'll come to you! You gotta be close if you're eating Plant City strawberries!
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Denise said...

I just want to take a bite of one of those strawberries!