Friday, February 10, 2012


Today was a cloudy cool day, but we went ahead with our plans anyway.  We went to Wakulla Springs State Park.  I've been there twice before, and it is really fun, hence the third trip!  It was a two and a half hour drive and we didn't even leave here until after ten, so we didn't arrive until after twelve thirty.  We had lunch in this old lodge/restaurant, a lovely bowl of bean soup.  Nummy!
The lodge and the furnishings tell of a day gone by when vacation lodges were a bit more elegant, where ladies and gentlemen dined and relaxed and visited in fancy surroundings. 
The furniture is beautiful, if a bit uncomfortable looking!
The fire had died down to just coals, so it wasn't as inviting as it would have been had a nice warming fire been burning in the fireplace.
I especially liked the painted ceiling.
We saw a lot of birds on our ride down the Wakulla River, including this great blue heron.  He is beautiful!

We saw our national bird, the bald eagle.  Love eagles!

Some turtles were trying to find some sun to warm themselves, and the fellow below was just hanging around in the swampy area long the river.
Several movies were filmed in this area, including this one and some Tarzan movies with Johnny Weissmuller swinging through the jungle on the vines that hang from every tree.


Jeanne said...

Just catching up on some blogs and glad to see your beautiful pictures of Florida. The sunsets are just amazing!

Denise said...

The lodge is beautiful. Love the windows. I also love the bird pictures, especially the eagle!

Anonymous said...

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