Saturday, February 18, 2012


My husband thinks I'm crazy, because he doesn't care a bit about these kinds of facts and figures.  But I love them!  I always write down things I want to remember, things that are important to me, things I find fascinating.  So here are the figures from our recent trip to Florida.

Going from Minnesota to Florida:
1340 miles
59 MPH average speed
49 MPG

Coming home from Florida to Minnesota:
1442 miles (we took a different route)
61 MPH average speed (more freeway driving)
45.6 MPG

So what does this tell you?  I don't know....maybe that driving faster lowers the MPG?

I have been grocery shopping and restocked the frig and pantry, I have washed clothes, and I have perused the seed catalog that came in the mail while we were gone.  Spring is coming, you know!

This morning we are heading in to a grandson's basketball tournament.  That should be a fun thing to do on a Saturday morning, don't you think?


linda said...

yes, i do ;)

i am surprised you can get that far in 11 hours! glad you arrived safely home. but if it had been me, i would have had to stay a tad longer to justify all that pain sitting on me old arse. :)


Marge said...

Linda......The last 524 hours in 11 hours. We stopped for gas and food. And my old arse is probably more padded than your old arse! The shoulders and back sure catch heck though....I'm using the heating pad.

Bobby said...

You know it was downhill going to Florida.