Wednesday, February 08, 2012


This morning dawned bright, sunny, and beautiful.  We headed down to Apalachicola.  Our first stop was to look at the shrimp boats in the harbor. 
I liked this little fish cleaning house with the ferns growing on the roof!

This guy is harvesting oysters.  Do you say "fishing" for oysters?  No, you fish for fish.  Do you say "oystering?"  I have no clue.  I will just say he is harvesting oysters.

We took the nice long really scary bridges across the intercoastal waterway, over to St. George Island State Park.  

Right as we entered the park we saw this little guy through the grasses.  He's kind of cool, don't you think?
 At our first stop in the park, there wasn't a person in sight along the beach.
 We did see two empty chairs.....
 a starfish......
 and a sand dollar.
 Aren't these the cutest little condos you've ever seen?  I think they look like bird houses!
 We arrived back at the base in time to pick up a few groceries and sit out on our porch area in the Air Force blue rocking chairs lining the outside wall.  And in time for another pretty sunset, this time with no visible sun.
 I fixed the green beans, and Ernie grilled the steak. 
 Another fine day in Florida!


linda said...

your shots of that glorious sunset and that stretch of endless beach are beautiful!

AKBrady said...

Very, very nice.
Oh, and yes, you do say "harvesting" oysters. :)