Sunday, February 05, 2012


It was really humid, but there was no sun shining this morning when we took off for another beach.  This one is also on base, but way down on the southern end, about ten miles from where we're staying.
We did see lots of birds today.

And lots of shells.

Lots and lots of shells.
These two almost seemed to be doing a courting dance.  They played around for several minutes, just a few feet from where we were walking. 
Like I said, no sun, but there was sand and water.  That's enough for me.
This young couple were traveling with a little toddler in front of mom.  When they stopped the dad flopped  down on the sand for a nap, and mom and the little girl played in the sand at the edge of the water.
Lots of broken shells.
Many whole shells.
Quite a few sand dollars.
Heading back.  We had dark skies, but as you can see from this next photo,
the lack of sun didn't hurt the temps!
This photo is for my youngest sister, Lois.  She knows what it means!

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Denise said...

Beautiful, even without the sun. Love the shells, especially the sand dollars. I used to collect them when I was young and we'd go the the Gulf.