Friday, December 25, 2009


After Christmas Eve services last night, we drove through the campus of the college where we both used to work.  I love the campus at Christmas time!  The decorations are so beautiful.  Below is the lighted garland at the entrance to the main building.

These trees are in the circle between the main building, the library, and the chapel.  The white lights shining through the heavy white snow are absolutely beautiful, don't you think?

We had 10 of the 15 grand kids here today, but Jacob and Caleb had to leave early because Jacob had to go to work at the nursing home where he is a dietary aide.  But here are eight grandkids......... 

Adam, Justin, Joe, Aaron ......then the two beautiful girls are Katie and Kjirsten,  and the two in front are Ben hiding his face and Anna bugging him.  We had a good day with lots of food, lots of laughter and lots of love.  Hope you did, too!


Rick and LuAnn said...

Yes, what a heavenly Christmas it was! How we were blessed with the new fallen snow (most abudantly!) Everything was picture perfect, and made one thankful to spend such a blessed day here in MN

Linda up north said...

Merry Christmas Marge! I hope you had a wonderful, Christ-filled celebration!