Wednesday, December 09, 2009


It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.  The wind is blowing 35 to 40 miles per hour, the 8 or more inches of snow are rearranging themselves over and over and over, the actual temperature is 9 degrees, but the windchill or "feels like" temperature is a minus 15.   Sounds like a day to stay indoors and drink some coffee.  Or should I say some more coffee, as the first pot is gone already!

The only reason I may have to venture out is that Gail thinks she may be released from the hospital today.  She is not pain free, but is so much better, and she has been able to eat popsicles and sherbet so is anxious to go home.  Her doctor hasn't been in yet this morning though, so she doesn't know what he will say.  I don't know if we will want to attempt the five mile trip in until roads are cleared, but our wonderful son-in-law is out plowing roads on the campus where he works, so maybe we can get him to take her home if she is indeed released.

But from what I can see out my windows, the blizzard still rages.  Hope your weather is better than ours!

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Russell said...

Certainly looks like Iowa! And, yes, Iowa is a four-letter word! Heh!! Oh well... keeps the tourists down, though. What? Iowa doesn't have tourists?!! Heh!!

You masthead (is that the right term) is the BEST one I have seen! I really like that Christmas look with the ornaments, tree and lights sparkling. Now THAT is an image!

Stay warm.

And, yes, I know a lot of Iowa State people going to Arizona to watch the Insight Bowl. ISU is only 10 miles from my house. But between me and you, I would rather go to the Orange Bowl -- I have never been to Miami Beach!