Monday, December 28, 2009


 You might want to read the previous post before this one. 

Sorry for the blurry pictures.  Dirty windshield, snow blowing and moving truck all contributed to the fact.

Here we are entering Iowa.  Iowa.  Always reminds me of my 4-H songs from eons ago, back in  my youth!  Iowa, beautiful land.  OR  Iowa, Iowa, that's where the tall corn grows.  Iowa, Iowa, that's where the pretty girls grow.  Or in my case, the tall girls grow because I'm tall.  Anyhow, that's all ancient history.  Back to the here and now.

Doesn't look like Iowa is going to be any safer than Minnesota was.
Again, my childhood.  We loved to play in the big drifts along the country roads where we were raised in Northeastern Iowa.
This one is bad folks.  Jaws of life.  About 6 emergency vehicles.  Two cars on the left, and two down a large embankment on the right.
Let's just hurry and get past this scene.  My neck is tensing up.  My shoulders ache.  My chest hurts.
We stopped at a rest stop only to be told it was worse ahead.  We were told there were many, many vehicles in the ditch.  

We followed this sanding truck for a few miles, and felt pretty safe.  But he turned off.  I don't blame him as the worst was yet to come!

One upside down, one up ahead a bit, and two in the ditch in the northbound lane.

Hey guys!  The sign says SOUTH 35, can't you read that!  South is supposed to be warmer.  Oh, I guess not south Iowa, uh?
And it continues.  I know there were ten in the ditch in a one mile stretch of road.
Okay.  Here's three more.  Grab the Garmin and find the nearest  motel.  Only 7.3 miles ahead.  I hope we can make it.
Hooray for Super 8!  Cheap room but nice and clean with a king bed, TV for the Vikings game tonight, and wireless internet for blogging.  What more can we want!

And now the sun is shining.  The wind is still blowing though, and the temps are dropping to about ten below tonight.  So better be safe and warm and spending the money for a motel than freezing in the ditch someplace waiting for an ambulance.  Or on a cold slab.......oh, don't even think that way.

 I am going to relax and try to settle my nerves and work the aches out of my neck and shoulders.  Let me tell you that the stress of the four hours we were on the road this morning does bad things to FMS nerves and muscles.

Thank you Judy my friend.  I know your prayers got us here safely!  Oh, give thanks unto the Lord!


Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Oh my goodness Marge, ya'll be careful! It is so pretty though, I am wishing for snow here! Not so pretty for those people in trouble.

Linda up north said...

WOW! God surely kept you safe. I am so happy to hear you are safe and sound in a hotel... What a white knuckle ride that must have been.
Now if the Vikings can only get it in gear and pull this game out of the bag!!

Anonymous said...

I hope you either stayed put or made some nice miles to a warmer part of the country, Marge. I guess all I can say is "Welcome to Iowa". Sorry!

Three of our older girls traveled to Ames from here (NW Iowa)today (Tuesday) and back. It was blowing some this morning they said...maybe they didn't tell me the half of it. Thankful for their safe trip. The same to you, as you make your way south to sunnier climes.

Nancy in the tall corn state

Gail said...

Okay, you just scared the **** out of me!! I know that God is taking care of you! I am such a chicken I would have turned around before I hit the border!! Ernie is a good driver. Sending love your way. Let us know when you get there. gail and gary

Sofia said...

Just amazing pictures!

Lisa said...

well hopefully you will get to where you are going before this next storm hits. In Oklahoma the storm is on its way starting tonight through Wednesday. Still have not gotten out of the house since Christmas. You be careful. If you need a place to stay a bit in Okla, you know my number!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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