Wednesday, December 23, 2009


......the snow storm, that is.  I was in town this morning and early afternoon.  At first it was rain coming down, but it changed to snow by the time I came home.  Then three hours later we went back into town to meet Chuck, Thea and Nicolas for pizza.  They are expecting to be snowed in at her brother's place......if they can get there,  and then Chuck has to work this weekend, and we leave for Texas on Monday.  So we decided we'd best see them now in case the blizzard messes up everyone's plans. 

An hour and a half later, the snow was really blowing and swirling, and driving was becoming treacherous.

There weren't as many people on the road as you would expect to find on the night before Christmas Eve.  Did you know that Norwegians celebrate the 23rd as Little Christmas Eve?  Well, at least some of them do!

The decorations in our little town are huge snowflakes.  Tonight they were competing with millions of smaller snowflakes that were declaring that there is strength in numbers, and that they will bring the town to a standstill if enough of them band together.  And I think the smaller flakes will win out this time.  The forecast has been the weatherman is saying we could have 18 plus inches by Friday when the storm ends. 

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