Wednesday, December 16, 2009


This morning was my annual physical and all the fun stuff that goes along with that.  Especially fun is the squeezing of the girls procedure.......NOT!  Don't have the lab results back of course, but everything else seems fine.  I am a healthy person.  But this post isn't about my physical.

As I walked into the new part of the clinic, the new mammogram and imaging department, I noticed some wall words that brought me to a dead stop.  Now, I have been complaining recently about a couple of issues, issues that won't go away, and I can't do anything about, but I kept on complaining.  The wall words informed me that I needed a huge attitude adjustment.  The words:

We cannot direct the winds, but we can adjust our sails.
I can't change the situation, but I sure can change how I view it.  Thanks wall words.  I needed that.


Lisa said...

I just read both your recent postings and I am very happy to hear that Gail is out of the hospital. That is some great/positive news....I know it must be a big relief to you of course. I am also happy you got a new computer, that must be a big load of stress taken off your shoulders as well.

However, far as the baking, decorating and such, it will either happen or it won't. I have a bet on the fact that you will pull it off one way or another. Do you find the season is just such an overload of activities.

But what I liked most about your your new found words of wisdom. I need to adjust my sails big time. My course has not been steady, my course has been difficult and beyond my control. So I found comfort in the words of adjusting the sails.

I find this time of year very frustrating. I get so down in the dumps and depressed. Still no tree up or decorations out at all. hmmmm Christmas one week away.

Marge said...

I know. Christmas is only a week away and then three days later we leave for Texas! I'll talk with you next week to see what we can work out for a stop in Oklahoma!