Friday, December 11, 2009


My goal in life is to get a decent computer.  We've always bought the cheapest we can find, then wonder why they don't work.  UGHHHHHH!

Love the different lines on this picture of my patio chair.  This was about half way through the blizzard.

Just one of about a dozen piles of snow in the grocery store parking lot.

The ground doesn't look like we received 8-10 inches of snow.  When the wind is blowing so hard, most of the snow ends up in neighboring states, I think!  The sun is shining today, and life would be a whole lot better if the dumb computer would work.

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Lisa said...

Saw where you all got hit pretty hard, but I figure you are used to it. You will probably have a white Christmas too won't you? I still am not caught up with you, but I will....I promise!!! Hopefully done with pictures, just need to mail out the last two packs of cd's to their owners!

Ok, I just read about the last three or four postings and I am sooo sorry I have not been there for you during this time with Gail. I hope she is actually doing better and I will start praying for her right now. I am so sorry. Nothing worse seeing your "child" in pain.

And I hope you had a happy birthday. I wish you would get on facebook and give little updates. I know, I know, I would know these things if I would read blogs.....
but facebook really is pretty easy!

Take care dear friend,