Thursday, September 13, 2012


It's kind of hard to get a strong enough signal to post pictures, hence I have done little other than check fb and email.  This morning I am sitting in front of the community center and maybe have enough of a signal to post.

One of the reasons I love to come to Alaska is the fresh seafood, especially the halibut.  Chris puts out a long-line, a long line with about 30 hooks hanging from it, attached to buoys and anchors on each end.  We had unsuccessfully set it twice with no luck at all.  But the third time was a charm.
Amy is suiting up in her fashionable orange rubber outfit, perfect for cold, windy, rainy boat rides!

Baiting the hooks.

Heading out

into the rocking rolling ocean.  The stomach was in a little distress after this trip!

Attaching the hooks unto the line.  After the hooks are left dangling in the water for 6 hours or so, you head back out and this time......


This baby was probably 40 pounds.  Good eating size.

Fish cleaner extraordinaire!  A slice down the middle of the back.....

slice along the bones to the edge.....
carefully lifting and cutting at the same time.  Chris is a perfectionist.  There is no waste, no mess, and no unrecognizable pieces!  Perfect!

Last but not least, the cheeks.  Halibut cheeks are a delicacy. 

A little peek of the sun for a lovely ending to the successful hunt.  But the best part was the big bowl of ice cream

with Chris, Amy and Stella, the grand dog.

And then the next night I ate my last meal of halibut, as I had a reaction to it and spent a horrible night sleeping with my epi-pen.  The end.


AKBrady said...

Oooh. Uh oh. I'm really sorry about the reaction.
But those cheeks. Yum.

Another storm coming in for we Anchorage-ites this weekend. Argh. How long will you be in Seldovia? Would be soooo wonderful to meet in real life. :)

theMom said...

I feel so sad for you and your allergic reaction. You might want to do a little research on Iodine allergy. I think that's what it is. I've heard (whether true or merely a theory) that many people who exhibit shellfish allergy symptoms are actually allergic to iodine. The shellfish absorb more of it than fish. But occasionally, a person will react to a salt-water fish, too. The person I learned this from is able to eat salt-water fish if she's careful, but I can't remember what "careful," means. If she has to wash it specially, or exactly what. If you think you would like to hear more from someone who knows more about it, I can get her in touch with you, but I'm thinking there will be something online you can find, too.

Anonymous said...

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