Monday, September 24, 2012


The first thing we saw when we left Muncho Lake on Saturday morning was this:

The rest of the day looked mostly like this:
and this:
Then we arrived in Dawson Creek, the beginning of the Alaska Highway if you are driving north and west; the end of the highway if you are driving east and south.
Sunday's first photo was also wildlife, but this guy was in a hurry and didn't pose for me!
The day was mostly mountains and trees, just like it's been most days!
Then today my first photo was this!  Yup, three days in a row!
This elk had no problem posing for me.  But unfortunately he is the only one we saw today.  Often there are herds of scores of the around Jasper.
It was a sunny, but hazy day, and the mountains looked blurred and eery.  
We stopped at a few overlooks that were clear and sunny, however.
And this is the famous Lake Louise.  It's pretty, but again, it was hazy and not in top form.
The flower beds were lovely at the Chateau though.
I would have liked to have spent a couple of hours sitting there in the gardens, looking at the flowers and mountains, and sipping an Americano.

We are now in Calgary.  Tomorrow the USA!  It was a good day, after I recovered from yet another bout of seafood poisoning.  We opted to eat breakfast at the little restaurant next to the hotel we stayed in last night in Jasper.  The special was eggs, bacon, breakfast potatoes and toast.  Okay, no toast please, eggs over easy.  Pretty simple, uh?  No seafood there.  Wrong!  If the breakfast potatoes aren't pan fried, but are deep fried in the same oil that calamari has been fried in, the potatoes may be contaminated!  I ate a couple of pieces before it dawned on me that they weren't pan fried, and I called the waitress over.  She confirmed that they were fried in oil that shellfish had been fried in.  Well, thanks a lot!  I didn't get as sick as the halibut incident, but I got extremely dizzy, tingly, and itchy throat.  Took about 3 hours to feel normal again.  So I guess the moral of the story is:  Don't eat out!  And if you do, ask, ask, ask about every morsel of food!  In defense of Jasper however, I had an awesome piece of lasagna last night.  It was gluten free noodles, spinach, sweet potatoes, and goat cheese with a tasty red sauce.  Nummy!


Norskeneil said...

Great photos Marge! Enjoy your posts as always!

theMom said...

I read once about a popular tourist destination, a lake in Canada, (BC I think) whose north end is a glacier where parts of it fall into the lake at intervals. I've never been able to figure out what lake that was. But in my memory, the pictures were similar to this one you posted of Lake Louise. Do you know if this is the case? And if not, what lake it might be?

Awesome pics. Uffda, re the potatoes. Interesting combo, re the lasagna.

helle sterne said...

realy nice blog*so nice to follow you*greetings from the alps