Thursday, September 06, 2012

ALASKA 2012 - DAY 13 & 14

Yesterday afternoon, in the on again off again drizzle, I went for a walk.  The flowers in Seldovia are always so beautiful, and the drops of rain had washed them all clean and they were vibrant.  The only thing that would have been better would have been for the sun to come out!
I love the bright purples.
These are three little houses on the old boardwalk that is remaining from before the big Alaska earth quake over 50 years ago.
Cute use for two little worn out chairs.
Another house on stilts along the slough.
And why throw away old boots when they make such interesting flower pots!
Love the decorating style.....
even this interesting display in the yard.
This is just too cute, don't you think?
And they can grow romaine to die for!
This morning the sun was shining, so we went out to Outside Beach.
We did have a little wave action.
And, yes, I got wet.  Always do.
Homer is way off on the distant horizon.  And if I come here, I get cell reception!

Having a good time, wish you were here!


Norskeneil said...

Nice photos. Glad you got some sunshine.

AKBrady said...

Welcome! I'm sure you've heard about our epic fall storm - I'm just now catching up on stuff from when the power was out. Anyhow, am glad to see you're enjoying yourselves, and that you escaped our crazy winds (110 mph at our house in Anchorage)!
Enjoy :)

Marge said...

We drove down here the day before the storm. Windy by Girdwood, then not too bad over Turnagain Pass, but windy in Homer. Came over here the day of the storm....windy but not too bad of a ride. Got stopped by a downed tree on the road here, and Chris' friend lost 6 trees. Otherwise not too bad here.