Wednesday, September 19, 2012


We just talked to a woman at a gift store here in Tok, and she said she has lived here since 1959 and has never seen wind like they had two nights ago.  And, she went on to say, high winds are expected again tonight.  She said she drove to Delta Junction yesterday and there were 2,000 trees down.  The trees were off the highway today, but we sure did see evidence of the wind.
Ernie did stop so I could shoot some of these photos, but obviously the next one was taken through the glare on the windshield.  Sorry.
Beauty and destruction in the same scene.
Some spots were just a tangled mess.
Many folks were out cutting up the trees, getting their winter's supply of firewood.
This woman didn't say if there were any injuries to anyone, but she did say that the native village not far from here was wiped out.  She said there are 72 homes in the village, and every one of them was damaged.  And she said there was not a tree left standing.  Unbelievable wind.  And more expected tonight.

Speaking of storms, I received a text from our son in Seldovia, and he said they were in the midst of a huge storm, they had no power, and the creeks were rising rapidly.  Interesting past week here in Alaska!

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AKBrady said...

Today, with rain and less wind, is proving to be even more damaging. Everything is flooding, everywhere, so please, do drive carefully!