Wednesday, September 05, 2012

ALASKA 2012 - DAY 12

Good morning, Homer!  The day began with a lovely sky, but this was the best part of the day.  The weather went quickly downhill after we loaded the car for our trip over to Seldovia.
Did I say loaded?
All the essentials had a spot, including the bright orange survival suit that Ernie's brother Gary sent with us to give to Chris.  Thanks Gary!  Very much appreciated!
Two 40 pound bags of chicken feed was about the last thing we squeezed in.
It's a good thing we were only driving to the end of the Spit, because we could not see out the back window.
And here you are LuAnn.  Some pictures just for you of the Homer Spit.
It's just a narrow strip of land, jutting out into the Bay.  There are many businesses, campgrounds, restaurants, and the ferry terminal located on the Spit.
Here are some of the cute shops, sitting up on pilings.
You also pass the famous Salty Dawg Saloon.
And these condos that to me look like birdhouses!  Then you go by the small boat harbor.
And finally arrive at the ferry terminal, way at the end of the Spit.
I apparently neglected to snap a photo of the whole ship, but this big black tower thing contains the platform that we will drive unto and be lowered into the bowels of the ship.
And here we are below, one of only 9 vehicles on this trip.  On previous trips we have had a truck and a camper, and there were numerous other big rigs too, so it was funny to see a practically empty car deck.
And we are underway!
Goodbye Homer.........
hello Seldovia!


Norskeneil said...

Glad you made it safely.

DaveN said...

I can almost smell the harbor air. I miss that place.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the beautiful pictures of Homer!!