Wednesday, September 19, 2012


My friend Mary mentioned that the students at our church seminary were always threatened with being sent to Tok, Alaska.  We have heard those stories, and every time, 8 times now, whenever we go through Tok,  we talk about Professor Petersen telling the students this.  So I thought I'd show you what your town would look like if you would have been sent to Tok.
First of all, every town needs a general store.
Open and thriving!
You need RV repair places along the Alaska Highway.  These guys once came out 40 miles to fix our broken down RV by the side of the road.  It cost us!
On our first trip in 1992, we ate a fabulous meal of salmon, halibut and moose brats at this place.  Closed.
Closed despite the open sign!
The town has a few churches, motels, restaurants, an Alaska State Troopers office, and of course the Fish and Game department.  Oh, it also has Tyvek.  Lots of Tyvek.  All of Alaska seems to have a lot of Tyvek.


AKBrady said...

You forgot to mention Fast Eddies! :)

Marge said...

Oh I did! And we even ate dinner there. They have a pretty good salad bar!

theMom said...

How, um, interesting! Probably better in real life. :-D But, all the same, we enjoyed our vicarage in Chicago, thank you very much.