Wednesday, September 05, 2012

ALASKA 2012 - DAY 12 PART 2

We have arrived in Seldovia and are following our son down the road to his place.  The weather had turned very nasty, rainy and high winds.  We were happy the ferry made it over with no problems, or no rocking and rolling!
Out the dirt road we went, past the stacked crab pots.
Past Hig and Erin's yurt up on the hillside.
Down the narrow road to Chris and Amy's cabin.  This road is slated for improvement within the next couple of weeks, but yesterday it was a muddy mess.
Hello Camilla, the rooster, and James Brown, the hen.  (Don't ask.)

We unloaded the things we were bringing to their place, and then all turned around to go back to town to unload our things at the home we are staying in.  Thank you Margie and Byron for letting two strangers from Minnesota stay in your home when you're gone.  We so much appreciate your kindness.  The accommodations are great, and we will take good care of your lovely home.  You are the best!
So, only an hour after we had passed by this spot on our way to Chris and Amy's, we found our way blocked by, not one, but several trees!  I told you it was wet and very windy!  And guess what?  This is the only road.....there is no way to go around on another road.  This is it!  But soon the sound of chain saws was heard in the land and the trees quickly became firewood for winter heat.  Then came the heavy equipment and pushed off the rest of the mess, and we were free to go on our way.  All this within less than half an hour!  No waiting for the city officials to line up someone to do it.....everyone reached in the back of their trucks and pulled out their chair saws, and did the job that had to be done.  And they were paid in some heat for the winter!  How cool is that?
We got settled into our place and grilled some brats and had garden lettuce, tomatoes, broccoli, and pickles. Yummmmmm.

So we are here.  Hopefully the weather will improve and the sun will come out, so I can show you this lovely little village that has the motto:  Just Another Day in Paradise!

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