Monday, September 17, 2012


It's a cool drippy morning, so hop in the car with me and I'll show you my view through the windshield.  Our drive today takes us from Soldotna on the Kenai Peninsula, to Wasilla, which is north of Anchorage.  It's not too far, a bit over 200 miles, and it's not difficult driving.  But it is absolutely breathtaking scenery.
Like I said before, it's drippy and cloudy.
Some of those clouds on the tops of the mountains look a bit menacing. 
And some of them contain snow, not rain.  You can see new snow on the tops of these mountains.  It's called termination dust.
The drive was lovely with lots of shades of yellow and green represented in the trees.
The fog and clouds just add to the layered look of the mountains.
Beauty around every curve in the road.
And some say there is no God?  Some say all this beauty just happened?  I don't think so!
As we approached Portage Valley the clouds grew heavier, and there was definitely a snow storm happening up top!
We turned into Girdwood where Chris and Amy used to live and drove past the hotel.  The Prince Hotel at Alyeska Sky Resort.  See the cables going up to the top of the mountain?  There is a huge tram that runs up to the restaurant up top.  To the right are numerous ski lifts going up to the huge bowl on the other side of this ridge.  This is Alaska's premier ski resort and it's a beauty.
Heading up Turnagain Arm provides many beautiful vistas....and today we were reminded of God's promise in the form of this beautiful rainbow.
The end of the line today is Wasilla.  And look at that definite snow line on those mountains!  It's coming!  Sooner up here than down home, but nevertheless, it's coming.
The camera battery is charging.  Tomorrow we drive the Parks Highway past Denali National Park.  We've never been up there so it will be all new territory for us.  And we are excited.  I am afraid, however, that the weather isn't going to cooperate, and the mountain won't be out.  Oh well.  I'm sure I'll find a couple of things to shoot!  You are welcome to ride along again tomorrow.


theMom said...

Beautiful, Marge, as always!

AKBrady said...

Good luck! It's blowing like anything here today! :)

Marge said...

Erin, I so wanted to stop and meet you! Hubby decided to blow through Anchorage.......we're in Fairbanks after a lovely ride today. Even in the rain, snow, wind, and clouds. Next trip for sure!

Anonymous said...

You were in Wasilla. Could you see Mankato from there? Seriously, I love Sarah :) Next trip you and Ernie take, I'm hooking myself up to your bumper!