Sunday, October 30, 2011


Am I allowed two aarrrrggghhh days in a row?  Well, I had one.  I had just put six butternut squash in the oven, halved and divided between two baking sheets on two different shelves, when I blew up my oven.  It was quite the pyrotechnic display, white flashing lights, sparks of white, yellow, orange and red, and then the smoke.  Oh, boy, the smoke!  I quickly turned off the oven and turned on the fan to disperse the smoke, then waited about five minutes before I dared open the oven.  Yup.  I fried the element.  Totally.

Thing is, I hated this stove.  Or should I say I didn't very much like this stove.  It was here when we moved in, it worked, kind of, so that was it.  It was our stove.  The broiler element never did work, the oven, supposedly a self cleaning oven, was not clean, nor would it come clean, the temperature wasn't accurate, and I just plain didn't like the whole stove.  Hubby says I jinxed it by saying I didn't like it, so it showed me!  Well, it sure did show me.  Right in the middle of baking squash to freeze for squash soup.

I do believe I will be stove shopping in the morning.  Early.  Soon as the stores open.  I need an oven!   


Anonymous said...

Yeah for a new stove! I want a new oven too. There is really nothing wrong with mine except that because the canner is larger than the burners, it reflects heat back to the enamel. The enamel is discolored and cracked. So, I want a stainless steel oven with 5 burners and a double oven... then my refrigerator and dishwasher wont' match. :o)

My husband installed a canning stove in the garage. He can trash that one.

linda said...

wow, sounds like my sewing machine years ago....good thing you were home! no problems it seems...NOW YOU GET A NEW ONE!! YAY!

and that quilt is gorgeous even if the little marks don't come out....i remember that thing not working years ago...i guess they still haven't fixed it. you have to take them off first. i

DynamicDuo said...

We spent two years lighting our oven with a propane torch back when we lived in SD. Ah, the memories .... ;0)

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Wish I could jinx my oven.
I want one of the newer styles with a small oven on top and a bigger one on the bottom. It's just like they reversed the drawer and the oven. The small oven is all you would need most of the time!
Have fun shopping!

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