Wednesday, November 02, 2011


Other than the fact that this sat in my UFO pile for about 9 months, and other than the crooked bottom edge, and other than the uneven stitching, and other than it's dark because I took the picture at six in the morning,  I love this table runner!

It's made from a Honey Bun of Sandy Gervais' Christmas fabric called Adoring and is a gift for someone who had a birthday last April.

Our son from Alaska, Chris, is on his way home for a visit.  He and Amy boarded the ferry last night in Seldovia, spent the night in Homer, will drive to Anchorage today, fly tomorrow, spend Friday with her folks, and will come here on Saturday for a few days before they go back to her folks.  I can't wait!
We last saw them in January when we went to Alaska for dear SIL Gail's funeral.  Chris was last home in April of 2008   when he came home to visit his grandmother, my mom, a few months before she moved to Heaven.   If you clicked the last link, you know he brought halibut that trip.  He hasn't mentioned fish this time, so I don't think he's been fishing recently.  Guess I'll have to feed him from my freezer where I have plenty of food, but no halibut.  Chicken thighs or pork loin?


Riky said...

I will be waiting for the package with the table runner to arrive. I do assume it is me you are talking about when you said it was for someone who had a birthday in April?

Marge said...

Don't tell me I missed your's too! This one is for Amy. She and Chris will be here on Saturday for just a few days. I started it in time, just didn't finish it!

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Have a GREAT visit!!

AKBrady said...

Well, I can tell you that pork loin costs WAY more in Alaska than MN. So, I vote for that. :) Gosh, enjoy your visit!