Sunday, November 13, 2011


We don't have a land line.  We don't have a car phone.  We each have a cell phone.  His is the most basic phone they offer.  He can say hello and goodbye and that's about it.  He does not text.  In fact, he may use his phone for about 13 minutes a month!  I have a smart phone, but don't purchase apps or music or watch TV or movies or do anything that would cause additional charges.  Is any of this too difficult?  Why can't the phone carrier get it straight?

The problem started when I upgraded my phone.  Oh, I was assured that all would be fine and even though they couldn't give me a "real" monthly charge, they did give me an approximation.  I had paid for my phone upgrade up front, so that wouldn't be included on the billing.

Last month I received a bill for $158.89, which was way over the numbers they had given me, so I marched down to the phone store where the swift double talking salesperson assured me once again that every thing would be fine.  The plan had been set up wrong, and now that he had fixed it, the correct amount would appear this month.  Then in his generosity, he took $100 off last month's bill to show me that I was a valued customer and that they were working with me to fix THEIR mistake.  I thanked him for his help and  for the bottle of water he gave me during our 70 minute visit, and left the store, hopeful that things were corrected.

Yesterday I received my next bill.  $156.96.  Oh, thank you so much Mr. Swift Double Talking Salesperson!  I never dreamed you would be able to lower my bill by a whole $1.93!

I'll see you first thing tomorrow morning.


Anonymous said...

Let me guess? Verizon?

Marge said...

Wrong, Riky! It's the other one, known down through the years as: Hickory Tech, Cellular One, Altel, Unicel, and now ATT. We've been bought out so many times, I've lost count. And if I don't get any satisfaction tomorrow, I will dump them like they've dumped me 4 times!

Hope it's warmer down there than here. All of a sudden it's gray and cold.....must be November!


TonjiaT said...

it does sound like a Verizon goof up but they would not have given you the water..

good luck, they will get it fixed