Tuesday, November 08, 2011


Have you had enough posts on building the pergola?  Fed up with redoing the back yard?  Ready to move on to other subjects?  Well just hold your horses.  We will get to other things shortly.  Meanwhile consider this.  It's well into November, the weather has been beautiful with sunny skies and no rain or snow, we use the pergola every single day, and we're dreading the rain and snow that will be starting any minute now and will make our daily visits to the patio pretty cold and wet.  So, when son Chris comes home from Alaska to visit us, and he and Amy are enjoying our back yard with us, AND HE IS A CARPENTER....what do you think is happening?  Well, we are putting a solid covering on the pergola to make it useable for a longer time!

After considerable talking and measuring and ciphering, hubby and son were off to the big box lumber store and several hundred dollars later, we have another project!

 Hubby is using his new jig saw that he bought on Amazon to cut the whoop-di-doos on the ends of the roof pieces.  They will then match the whoop-di-doos on the ends of the pergola cross beams.  Chris is doing all the hard work, and all of the climbing on the top of the roof work.  He's only 40 and still able to do such things whereas hubby is 68 and grounded.
Hopefully the roof will have enough of a slope that the snow will slide off.  I think we will find out shortly.....like maybe tonight.  Forecast is calling for a rain snow mixture for southern Minnesota.  Meanwhile, the building project will continue this morning, thanks to our own personal carpenter.
This beautiful lady is Her Royal Highness, the Princess Stella.  Now Stella loves to play ball.  Stella is addicted to playing ball.  You might say she lives to play ball.  The night before every one had been taking their turn throwing the ball for her, and she'd have it back at your feet in about 17 seconds, ready for the next throw.  Arms were getting pretty sore from throwing, and after a pretty strenuous session of fetch, Stella was told that it was enough for now, and Chris put the ball up on the rafters of the pergola.  Yesterday morning when Stella woke up she went right to the back door, and when I let her out she went immediately to the spot and sat, staring up at the corner where her ball was waiting for the next round.  She is the funniest grand dog!
These orange candles on my new table topper look like Thanksgiving to me.  And I am being very thankful right now.  Having Chris and Amy with us for a few days, having one of my kids at my supper table each night, can't help but remind me of God's wonderful blessing of family.  And I am thankful.

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Paxie said...

Whoop-di-doos? Made me giggle. I like that term.

And Stella staring up? Priceless.

Sounds busy at your house and that's a good thing. Your tabletop is so pretty.

Sorry I haven't visited lately. I'm also trying to get a few things done. Hugs!!