Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Today is my 8 am Bible study with some of my favorite girls and I need to start getting ready for that soon.  Then this afternoon is my monthly haircut.  So it's a very good day!  Tomorrow we are heading north to see our kid and grandkid in North Dakota.  So it will be a good week!

Just a followup on the last post.....I didn't get to the phone company yesterday as I worked at the lunch at a funeral at church for over four hours.  A beloved member of our church passed away.  We lived next door to them back when I was in my late teens, so I knew them and their kids very well.  This humble man was the principal of the small Lutheran high school I attended, and later became academic dean and then president of the small college.  It was a sad day as we said goodbye to a wonderful man, but it was a fun day as we reconnected with the family and friends.  Funerals are like that, aren't they.

Our Chris and Amy have left to visit her folks, and then to return to Alaska on Thursday.  We had such a good time when they were here.  I love those kids so much......and Stella, too, of course.  Can't wait for next August when we'll head up there for a couple of weeks with them.  But remember the cover for the pergola that they built for us?  Well, we are using it.  Now that the temps are in the 30's, we're probably not going to be out there quite as much, but we love it and will probably bundle up and sit out there until the snow gets too deep!
The wood still has to be stained, but it's too cold to do that now so it will have to wait until spring.  It turned out much better than I dreamed it would.  Did I tell you that hubby is getting tired of my ideas?  But I think it was a good one!

Bye bye Chris and Amy.  Come again, any time, and stay as long as you can.  Love you to pieces!

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Osage Bluff Quilter said...

North Dakota sounds pretty old to me! Maybe you need to get some of your kids to move south.