Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Two days ago I wrote about the problems I was having with the phone company.  I had time to stop there today between the laundry and the hair cut.  As I walked up to the door I kind of peaked in the window to see if Mr. Swift Talking, Double Talking Sales Associate was there.  I didn't see him, so I entered the store.  Believe me, if I had seen him in there, I would have left and come back at another time!  I went up to the counter where I was greeted by Teri, the nice lady who had tried to help me last month before Mr. Swift Talking, Double Talking Sales Associate stepped in and took over.  She recognized me and asked how the phone was working.  I told her the phone was fine.  I told her that with the 70 minutes of work that the above mentioned person supposedly had done for me, my bill was indeed lowered.  By $1.93!  I told her that was not acceptable!  She remembered the whole previous visit and agreed that it wasn't correct.  And she said she would be happy to help me figure it out.  And she said that Mr. STDTSA was no longer working there!  I mumbled under my breath "I wonder why?"  Teri proceeded to look everything up, found that such and such was not changed correctly so I was being charged two different plans, and that hubby's phone was incurring charges every time someone texted him when we had specifically requested that texts be blocked on his phone.   He does not want to text.

I left within a half an hour.  Teri was fabulous.  She kept apologizing for Mr. STDTSA and I kept telling her that it was not her fault.  My phone bill is now fixed to reflect the price I was quoted three months ago.  And they again took a huge chunk of this bill off.  I believe it will now be okay.  And I told Teri that I did not expect to come in to complain again next month, but that I would stop back to wish her a Merry Christmas.  Maybe I'll bring her a plate of cookies.  She was professional, something that had been lacking when Mr. STDTSA was there. 

I am happy!

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TonjiaT said...

it is salespeople like Teri that makes you want to go to her boss and brag!

We had a great experience at our AT&T store last month, the sales man stayed 30 minutes past closing to help us. I gave him a stellar report when I got the survey!